The Perfect Nude Lip

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I will start off by saying I am not a big lipstick wearer. For one, I don’t have big pouty lips a la our fav Kardashian and I really can’t be bothered to re-apply constantly or worry about lipstick on my teeth.

Give me a good lip balm over a lipstick any day of the week. Hence my surprise when I stumbled upon this perfect combination that not only makes lips look a little poutier but lasts through 2 giant cups of coffee, without needing to re-apply. When I do venture out into the lipstick world of beauty, I am notorious for wearing a nude. A good nude is hard to find, first you need to know your skin-tone, any paler then this and I would look dead (not my goal), and any pinker and it stops being nude. The goal is basally your lips but better. The liner is slightly on the chalky side, but I over line my bottom lip a tiny bit as well as the out we corners of my top lip and shade the whole lip with it.  The lipstick is next and this was a pretty easy choice for me. I have a smilier skin tone to JLo and this is “her” colour from the Loreal Exclusive Colour Riche Collection. With the gloss, you could probably skip the lipstick all together, since it’s super opaque and saturated with colour. However, adding the lipstick underneath helps it last longer. The gloss I found out is the same that Kim K wore on her wedding day to Kanye, drugstore…who knew.

Beauty is really my secret passion in life, and my cosmetic station is a thing of beauty. However, my day to day is pretty basic. Liquid liner cat eye, tons of mascara, and flawless skin.

This nude lip though, might just make it’s way into my everyday.




Mac Lipliner: Mac In Synch

Lipgloss: Loreal Nude Ballet

Lipstick: Loreal JLo’s Nude

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Varsity Hues


Looking en trend and current doesn’t have to set you back your rent every month. Case in point- this sweater which was clearly inspired by this seasons Rag & Bone one.  Not only is that one about 500% more expensive, but it is now impossible to find as it’s been spotted on basically every celebrity and fashion blogger. I got this for a fraction of the price and the quality is amazing, super thick, soft and flattering.

Of course there are pieces I splurge on, and have no remorse. But, I unfortunately like many of us do not have the budget to take every look right off the runway. So I improvise, I scowl the internet looking for more affordable ways to represent my favourite trends and still be able to go out for dinner once in a while.

Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune and even all the money in the world can’t’ buy style.



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Sweater: SheInside

Trouser:Aritzia (old) : Similar Here

Shoes: Aldo