(Slightly) Above Average


Todays post- NORMCORE. The…I tried so hard to look I didn’t try at all. I was going to rack my brain and write a blog post about this trend, but Urban Dictionary does a pretty bang on job of describing it:

“Oh, shee-it! You just got gang signed by the worst of ‘em! Y’see the slight forward tilt of the chin, and the causal “hey” with the silent H? That means he’s NORMCORE. Dangerously regular. Dresses only in T-shirts and jeans, uses slang appropriated from other subcultures, but only 3 years after its first use, an’ only after it’s been used in a sitcom.”

Normcore is an ironic way of dressing, cool without trying…but really- we are all trying. Re: the sitcom- I truly hope that they are referencing the best sitcom of ALL TIME. The one and only Seinfeld! I could (and do) watch tat show anytime I turn the TV on. Which unfortunately is only about 3 times a week.
I do however want to mention these jeans, they are from Zara and the fit is incredible. They are called the body curve jeans, which I’m not sure what that refers to? Is it meant for curvy girls (cause the model they are showing it on is about 100 lbs) so is it designed to follow the curves of your body? Whatever the definition- it works.  They fit like a glove. May have to order them in all the washes.


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Shirt- Mango


Shoes- Adidas

Winged Out!


There are a few things I can’t live without….or should I say feel completely NAKED without…..foundation, my watch, and WINGED LINER!  I’m sorry Mrs. Conrad (or should I say Tell)- but I didnt hop on your band-wagon her err, I have been leading this parade for a while. At the moment I am loving Kat Von D’s Tatooo Liner. Stays all day and super easy to apply.  Now, could I have possibly resisted from buying this absolutely adorable sweater….NO!  What are you crazy??! Do you actually want me to be naked!? Don’t answer that. But really though, how adorable is it? I could not resist.

Now run out and get yourself one, because this sweater is moving fast.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget….reading this post gives you winnngggsssssssssssssss..




l_2 l_4 l_6 l_5 l_3 lash collage

Sweater: Zara

White Dress Shirt- Theory

Jeans- Uniqlo

Shoes- Tony Bianco





This is my outfit from last Friday.  SEe- I had a few business meetings, followed by some organizing, and basically getting my shit together. So what’s t girl to do?  Well, I figured- it’s simple. Just put a blazer on top.  Now- as it happens my adorable sweater actually says “Casual Friday”, so the sentiment was understood I’m sure.  I love mixing different looks and styles together. Sneakers with a sweet dress, a blazer with a sweatshirt or a vintage with new’

It’s all about keeping it fresh and interesting. And more importantly staying true to your style…and COMORT.  Especially on a Friday.






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Blazer- Zara (old)- Similar Here

Sweatshirt- Ardene (old)- Similar Here

Jeans- Uniqlo

Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith