White Out



First off…apologize for the quality of these photos….but I didn’t have my camera on me and a good outfit cannot be wasted. iPhone quality ain’t that great though…any recommendations of a phone that takes better pictures?  For the days when you are just so fly that it needs to be documented at any cost. ;)

Second off….enter the white pant.  Highly risqué and impossibly difficult to find.  Biggest issue I had when scouring the racks is making sure that it wasn’t totally see-through. I mean, believe it or not- most of them are. And that’s just not a good look. Second is fit, like with any jeans it really is the most important part. These days I have been opting for the ankle length. It looks great with heels, and sneakers and makes your leg look that much longer. Sarah Jessica Parker admitted that she doesn’t wear any pants (evening NYC winters!!!) where her ankles are not showing.  So, I mean- what more justification do we need?

White bottoms can be difficult to pull off, especially with my apple booty girls (hey, I feel ya).  But don’t be shy! They look dope and there are so many different ways of styling them. They work for a casual look and you can dress them up. I just don’t suggest hanging red wine or eating spaghetti when wearing them.  I spent half my day making sure I didn’t sit in any mildly dusty areas…..how emmmbbarrasssinggg!!!  White pants + nude heels = legs for days. And how doesn’t want that?







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Top: Forever 21 (old)- Similar idea Here

Jeans- Uniqlo

Shoes- Tony Bianco




Thanks Kim K, and the rest of the Kardashian Klan for wearing so many two -piece body-hugging outfits that I’ve finally become a victim. I gotta say though, it is pretty flattering for the booty girls like me. I didn’t buy these two pieces together, but I a quick scan of my wardrobe and voila….my custom set was born.





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Jacket (old)-Similar Here

Top- HM

Skirt (old)- Similar Here

Shoes- Adidas

Accidentally Inspired


Ladies and gents, there is a little sum thin’, sum thin’ I wanna get off my chest. The other day I was trolling the internets…as I normally do, and there were a ton of articles and pics of Miss. Selena Gomez on vacay looking mighty fine. Unfortunately these articles weren’t centred around how mighty fine she was looking frolicking on the beach, but that she’s put on a few lbs. I mean, the girl is straight up gorgeeeouuusssss…how can anyone dissect her body and actually call her fat.  It’s just disgusting.  It got me thinking, we spend so much of our lives and time judging and comparing and having these ridicules ideals of perfection that we want to achieve that there is no way we can be comfortable in our own skin.  This young girl is barely in her early 20’s, and she is developing and becoming a woman. I went through it also, I was a twig…then came the boobs, then came the hips. It’s natural and absolutely beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, I work out….ALOT, and I eat pretty much exclusively organic and pretty clean. However, I am not doing it to look like an idea of sexy that I have in my head, but because I genuinely enjoy it and want to be healthy.  A friend of mine said it best, when we were having a lengthy disscussion about healthy life habits.

Investing in your health when you are young, by eating clean, educating yourself and staying active is like putting money away in RRSP’s. You are not seeing any benefits to it now, and it might feel like kind of a drag, but when you are older and hopefully wiser you will reap the reward. 

That being said, on to the fashion. Luckily I hung on to my 5 year + old J Brands, cause the cyclical life of fashion ensures that it will almost certainly come back.  I paired it with a basic grey tank….and low and behold…as I scroll through these articles of Miss.Gomez- there is is…wearing almost the exact same thing.  And looking like a fox, new curves and all! Accidentally, but happily inspired.

Let’s embrace our shape and put our focus on healthy eating for us and our families, and make that sustainable…make it a life long goal.  Do it for you, not anyone else.  Let’s open our eyes and see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  Let’s put our energy on seeing the best in people, not judging them.  Nothing makes us more perfect, then anyone else. We are all perfectly imperfect.

Confidence is hot hot hot.




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Tanktop: Forever21

Jeans: JBrand

Shoes: Aldo (sold-out)- Similar Here