I’m Not Over It

Currently obsessing over flared overalls.  The 70’s are back in a big way…make room for fringe, bell bottoms, bell sleeves and platform shoes.  Below are some of my favourite ones this season, the best part is that if you’re feeling naughty and a little brave you can skip the top and wear it alone.  How hot is that? Seriously? Wether you opt for the major flare or a subtle boot, there is no denying the awesomeness of this look.  Which one is your favourite and would you dare to wear it alone?






1- Frame Denim

2- Natasha Zinko

3- Rolla’s

4-Sonia Rykiel

5- Joe’s Jeans

Look: WeWoreWhat

Borrowed from the Boys


When the boyfriend is out of town………I raid his closet.  My boyfriend is 6’3″ and there are VERY few things I can borrow from him….if anything. But  a little tuck here and a rolled sleeve here, and I made it work.  I personally own about 1 pink thing…maybe two if we count a bra.  But once in a while, my inner girlyness needs to come out.  But its all about balance.

The menswear trend has been making it’s way into women’s fashion for a few seasons now.  So take some inspiration from the boys, and grab a structured blazer, a pinstripe shirt, some oxfords and a pair of tailored trousers and don’t’ let the boys have all the fun, we can beat them at their own game.



a_2 a_3 a_4 a_5 a_6


Shirt: (old): Similar Here

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: New Balance

Beauty Blender- Holy Grail Product


If there is any tool I would recommend above all the rest, it’s the Beauty Blender. The most versitle tool in my make-up arsenal (and believe me, it’s a dresser full) and the best.  Take it from me, I wear quite a bit of make-up on a daily basis, and it feels and looks like I’m wearing very little. Here’s why:


-Used damp (wet it, and ring it out every time) it doubles in size.  Most brushes, and spongers soak up a lot of extra product and unfortunately waste it, but since the beauty blender is already damp- it doesn’t waste your precious foundation at all, so you use less. Therefore saving money in the long run.

-It’s perfect for blending out foundation, concealer, applying cream bronzers or blushes and setting your make-up to last all day with loose or pressed powder.

- It’s the most hygienic product you’ll ever use. Let’s all be honest with ourselves, how often do you wash your make-up brushes? Once a week, doubt it. Once a month- more likely…and some of us (myself included) even less.  However, the beauty blender is washed and clean each and every single time you use it. Since it has to be used damp. I either use the Beauty Blender Solid or the Sephora brand soap (a little cheaper) every morning to cleanse my BB.  It takes about 30 seconds, and my skin and pores stay unclogged and clean.  Bonus.

-If you’re gentle when you was it, the BB lasts months and months. As does the soap. Also- I use the soap to clean the rest of my brushes so it can really save time.  In the past 5-6 years I think I’ve gone through about 6 in total.

-The finish is flawless. Wether you want full-coverage or a light wash of colour to even out your skin tone, it can do it all.   Works with any foundation (water or oil-based) and is a dream at blending out your concealer especially at those hard to reach places (inner corner of your eye, and around your nose). They even make mini-beauty blenders, and specialized blenders for different products. But if you get the original- there is no need for anything else.

So ask yourself….do you want to look airbrushed?  #nofilter needed.



-Photo Courtesy of Beauty Blender