Holy Grail Nourishment


Last Saturday I went for a couples massage at a local spa. Oh boy- was that ever needed. What a lovely experience.  I’ve been pining over vacations and day dreaming about sunshine for months now. I’m really over this winter, I gotta say. So the massage and sauna, hot tub, salt water pool was exactly what I needed to buy another month of this s*&t.

At the spa, they used Sothy’s products. Alhotugh I am a little bit of a product junkie – be it make-up, skin care, hair care, body, care, etc .  I have never tried anything from this brand. It’ s apparently not available in very many places and quite difficult to get ahold of, you can only buy it at select spas.  It hails from France, which already makes it kinda of luxurious and has a strong history of quality and refined ingredients.  There was one item in particular which completely intoxicated me. The Cinnamon and Ginger Escape Nourishing Body Elixir (whew, that’s a mouthful). I sprayed it while I was getting ready, and even my boyfriend immediately noticed, ” you smell incredible”.  Of course, the sweet heart that he is, he presented me with this delicious product after we left.  Swoon.

On to the Elixir. It’s a dry oil, incredibly nourishing as the name states and immediately softening. The main ingredient is Marula Oil, which is knows for it’s rejuvination qualities, intense hydration and  protection.  It’s suitable for all skin types also.  As mentioned, I’m getting tired of this cold and dry weather and so is my skin. In the 3 days that I’ve used that I have felt and seen significant results.  My skin is smoother, replenished and incredibly moisturised, without feeling thick or greasy. I like to shower, quickly moisturize and get dressed.  And, who’s with me here- but there is NOTHING worse then pulling on your skinny jeans after you’ve just douced yourself in lotion. Ughhhhh.

And the smell, OMG- the smell. Sooooo sensual, and soft and warm. Lingers around just enough so it’s not totally offensive.  Bonus- it can be used as a massage oil. The price tag may be hefty (buy it here), but the experience is a little bit of spa heaven.

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Fringe and Frange


Loving fringes these days. Actually. All days. I’m secretly boho at heart….shhhhhhhhhh.

Super casual look for a Friday at the office. Boyfriend jeans…soft cami and a cozy sweater. Colours are neutral…duh. I just can’t stay away from neutrals. Have a spa day planned for tomorrow, which I definetly am in major need of. We have been putting it off for months and cancelling due to life getting in the way. But it’s finally happening tomorrow. I’ve been eating super clean for the past few weeks, but damn if I’m not going to have some bubbly….



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Sweater: Ardene

Camisole- Zara (old)- Similar Here

Jeans- (old)- Similar Here

Heels- Tony Bianco



Chloe’s Spring 2015 Campaign was just released. It basically embodies everything that I need in my life right now. Beach hair, sun on my shoulders, flawy ethereal dresses, sand between my toes and….why not….I’ll take the horse also.I am having MAJOR winter blues right now. I am tired of the cold, the snow and most of all…the bulky layers I have to wear over my well planned, outfits. I catch myself in mid-day fantasies involving a mojito and a string bikini.

Chloe has always been one of my favourite brands. Staying true to it’s roots of romantic shapes and luxe fabrics since the 50’s. It’s the quentesential french girl attire, you know who I’m talking about. They can eat a whole baguette and chase it down with a glass of wine and not gain an ounce?  They can walk out on cobble-stone streets in gladiator flats, a maxi dress and no bra and it’s totally appropriate.  Their hair is effortless and lovely and make-up at a minimum as to not hide their perfect completion. At least this is what I picture anyways, mind you…I was a child the last time I went to France.

Chloe has a sweet way of embodying this and yet making it seem as though anyone can have it. I am pining over every single piece in this well designed collection and even an occasion to ride my horse on white sands more so.

Le Sigh.



chloe-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign03 chloe-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign01 chloe-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign02 chloe-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign05