Fjallin in Love


Everyone has their own fav purse, but do they have a fav duffel? I This week I worked the new Fjallraven Duffel No. 5 for this post and loved it!!! Maybe a little too much?

No in all seriousness I do love it. I know everyone is going crazy for the Fjallraven Kankens for BTS, but I’m not a student and needed a bag I could take outdoors with me. So, I chose the No. 5 duffel for being a bit more compact and therefore lightweight, which is perfect for a day trip. So I packed up a few snacks, sunscreen, bug-spray, water bottle and a light sweater (everything fit with room for more) and then hit the trails in some cute active-wear for hiking.

I’m loving the mustard yellow colour because it works for Spring, Summer and the upcoming Fall season, plus it’s adorable.

The material is pretty cool too.

The G-1000 material that the duffel is made of is quoted for being “probably the best outdoor material there is.” I looked into this claim and it explained why I got a weird bar of Greenland Wax inside the bag. Here is what I found out: When caring for a Fjallraven duffel or any of their products made with the G-1000 you have to reapply the wax to the product each year to keep them waterproof – but man does it work! Anyone trudging through Montreal’s wettest summer will appreciate this waterproof wonder.

I think I just found my new outdoor and indoor gym bag…I think I’m in love.



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I was also recently at Project Las Vegas and got to see all the product up close and personal. Stayed turned people, some amazing styles coming in 2016.


Bag- Fjall Raven

Tank- Ardene- Similar Here

Sportsbra- Lululemon- Similar Here

Pants- Stella McCartney for Adidas- Similar Here


Overall Success



In case you were wondering, you can in fact wear what you wore 30 years ago as an infant…and still be an adult. Today that comes in the form of a bodysuit (onesie) and some overalls.  I absolutely love the look of these overalls, a little sexier, more fitted and high wasted . Hence why I opted for something tight underneath. Bodysuit are notoriously difficult to pull off. The hug errrrrthing, they must be tucked and are a little bolder. That’s why I thought it was a perfect fit for these overalls. Do two wrong make a right? In this case- YES!

Now if you were a 80’s child you are very familiar with overalls…my sister had a Tommy Hilfiger vintage pair that I would kill for now. But like everything you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. And as with every fashion trend which we eventually say goodbye to we should always assume it’s not forever. Case in point, bell bottoms, fringes, scrunchies, Shaggy, Full House…the list goes on and on.

The biggest challenge I faced was going to the bathroom, which was a production all on its own. Think, zipper, pulls, snaps and tabs.  Needless to say I broke a sweat. But all in a days work!




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Overalls- Alloy Apparel

Bodysuit- Similar here

Sneakers- Converse



As the great poet Young Jeezy once wrote….“All white everything, I’m ’bout to kill ‘em this summer , I’m doin’ all white everything”. It aint’ labour day yet…and even it was, does anyone still follow that rule?

I went to NYC last week for a few meetings, that city is gorgeous, but oh so exhausting. I think thats the reason God invented the sneaker, and Lord Have Mercy am I happy that he did.  As we are rushing back to our hotel, I literally did a double take when I saw these shoes in the window. I mean, they are everything!!! We rushed in, I asked for my size and had my own Cinderella moment. Then I had a Sex and the City Charlotte moment….the sales guy “accidentally” touched my feet and when I got to the cash they advised me that I didn’t have to pay tax.  I mean, is that cheating? I confessed to my boyfriend regardless. I’m pretty sure we had a moment, or at least he had a moment. Regardless, we ran out with new shoes in tow so I didn’t miss my pumpkin.




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Shoes- Chinese Laundry